Latent Sense

We explore the possibilities to invoke a new sense of reality based on the advanced technology centering on visual sensing. The key is speed transcending the human capabilities. We believe the next reality is driven by the technological control of the unseen moment.

  • Image

    Dynamic Facial Projection Mapping

    fluid identity
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    Dynamic Projection Mapping

    toward post reality
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    High-speed Projector

    8-bit projection at 1000fps
  • Book Flipping Scanning

    Book Flipping Scanning

    book digitization at 250 pages/min
  • SegmentedPattern

    High-speed 3D Sensing

    1000fps in real-time



"Projection mapping system to a widely dynamic sphere with circumferential markers" is presented in ICME2020. Its demonstration video "VarioLight 2: Dynamic Projection Mapping for Ball Sports" is uploaded to YouTube. This is collaboration research with Ishikawa Group Laboratory, The University of Tokyo


A new page entitled An extended depth-of-field projection method using a high-speed projector with a synchronized oscillating variable focus lens is added.


The talk entitled "High-Speed Projection for Augmenting the World" is given at OPTICS & PHOTONICS International Congress 2020.


Five master-course students and three undergraduates join.


"Projection-type integral 3D display using mirrors facing each other for a wide viewing angle with a downsized system" and "An extended depth-of-field projection method using a high-speed projector with a synchronized oscillating variable focus lens" are presented at SPIE Photonics West 2020.


Our research about high-speed book scanning got 21th place in IEEE SPECTRUM, "10 Years of Automaton's Most Popular Stories".


Our research is introduced in NHK Science View, "The Leading Edge: Projection Mapping Evolving to New Heights".


"High-Speed and High-Brightness Color Single-Chip DLP Projector Using High-Power LED-Based Light Sources" is presented at International Display Workshops.


The talk entitled "Rise of post reality by high-speed vision and projection" is given at HUAWEI 3D Computer Vision and Graphics Workshop.


A new master-course student joins.


The keynote talk entitled "Shaping Reality Through Dynamic Projection Mapping" is given at Nordic IOT Week.


8 master-course students and 3 undergraduates join.


The talk entitled "Dynamic Projection Mapping for Augmented Material Perception" is given at IEEE VR 2019, Tutorials "Hack Our Material Perception in Spatial Augmented Reality".


"Dynamic Intelligent Systems Based on High-Speed Vision" is published on Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics.


"Visual Calibration for Multiview Laser Doppler Speed Sensing" is published on Sensors.


"Pixelwise Phase Unwrapping Based on Ordered Periods Phase Shift" is published on Sensors.


"Occlusion-robust sensing method by using the light-field of a 3D display system toward interaction with a 3D image" is published on Applied Optics.


The invited talk entitled "Dynamic Projection Mapping Toward Post Reality" is given at International Display Workshops. We also have a demonstration of Dynamic Projection Mapping.


"MIDAS Projection: Markerless and Modelless Dynamic Projection Mapping for Material Representation" and "VarioLight: Hybrid Dynamic Projection Mapping Using High-speed Projector and Optical Axis Controller" are presented at SIGGRAPH ASIA 2018.

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