Latent Sense

We explore the possibilities to invoke a new sense of reality based on the advanced technology centering on visual sensing. The key is speed transcending the human capabilities. We believe the next reality is driven by the technological control of the unseen moment.

  • Image

    Realistic Dynamic Projection Mapping

  • Image

    Dynamic Facial Projection Mapping

    fluid identity
  • Image

    Dynamic Projection Mapping

    toward post reality
  • Image

    High-speed Projector

    8-bit projection at 1000fps
  • Book Flipping Scanning

    Book Flipping Scanning

    book digitization at 250 pages/min
  • SegmentedPattern

    High-speed 3D Sensing

    1000fps in real-time



4259-G2-31, Nagatsuta, Midori-ku,
Yokohama, Kanagawa 226-8502, Japan
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G2 Bldg. 7F, Room 716